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Work permit

Yes, every courier/TAXI driver must have a Polish PESEL.

You can obtain a PESEL number at the office of your city. You will find a link with detailed information about obtaining a PESEL below.


Unfortunately, currently we are unable to provide you with the necessary documents due to technical reasons for obtaining a Residence Card.

  • passport;
  • Polish PESEL;
  • ID and study certificate (you can obtain it at the dean’s office of your university)
  • passport
  • Polish PESEL
  • stamp from the last entry into the territory of the Commonwealth of Poland

  • Polish PESEL;
  • passport;
  • a permanent residence card;


  • passport;
  • Polish PESEL;
  • Pole’s Card;


  • passport
  • residence card;
  • decision to issue a card;
  • Polish PESEL

If your card was issued on the basis of work, please use this link to check whether you can be employed on the basis oświadczenia o powierzeniu pracy:


  • passport;
  • Polish PESEL;
  • resident card;
  • passport;
  • Polish PESEL;
  • visa; 
  • ID card / passport
  • Polish PESEL
  • temporary residence card
  • decision to issue a residence card 
  • citizens of Ukraine legally residing in Poland
  • citizens of Ukraine who entered Poland legally from the territory of Ukraine in connection with the activities wars conducted on the territory of this country during the period from February 24, 2022 and declares the intention to stay in Poland

Foreigners who will be entrusted with the job are citizens of the:

  • Republic of Armenia
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Republic of Georgia
  • Republic of Moldova
  • Ukraine

You can find more details here:


The city hall charges the amount of PLN 100 for issuing this document transfer to bank account:
PL33 1950 0001 2006 0616 3697 0002

  • pages of a foreign passport (🚩IMPORTANT – all pages including blank ones)
  • PESEL number
  • payment confirmation PLN 100 (for example screenshot)

Bank transfer details:
Transfer title: Oświadczenie o powierzeniu pracy + name and surname
Recipient’s name: Evelstar Sp. z o.o.


Yes, if you want to work in Taxi. You need to have a Polish driving license.




  1. Follow this link
  2. Select the country in which you received your driver’s license
  3. Follow the instructions

Yes, if you want to work in TAXI, you must have 2 certificates of no criminal record:

  • one from Poland
  • one from your country of origin

Attention – Certificate of no criminal record from country of your origin is not required in all cities. Please contact us for more information.

You can obtain such a certificate at the consulate of your country.

Yes, the criminal record certificate must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

Here you can find a sworn translator in your city:


You can obtain a certificate of no criminal record in Poland from the court. You can find below a link to all court locations:





  • Battery, murder, etc. (as crimes against life and health)
  • Criminal threats (as a crime against freedom)
  • Rape, molestation and pedophilia (as crimes against sexual freedom and decency)
  • Family abuse (as a crime against family and care)
  • Active assault on an officer (as a crime against the activities of state institutions and local government.)
  • Crimes related to drug addiction

People under 18 years of age

  • Agreement from parents to take up work
  • Medical certificate confirming there are no contraindications to work as a “Bicycle Courier”
  • Primary school leaving certificate or current school certificate
  • Documents legalizing your stay in Poland (check the work permit FAQ category above)

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